As Artist, Exhibitions

The Vault, Biggin Hall, Auburn, AL

September 8 – September 18, 2015

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Unrest: a feeling of disturbance or dissatisfaction in a person. Within all of us, unrest prevents sleep, peace, and ease; however, we often bury these emotions within, choosing instead to showcase an untroubled version of our lives to each other. The .gifs I, II, and III represent the unease within everyone, demonstrating the various yet connected reasons for chaos affecting all humans.

Houses for family, hands for relationships, flowers for romance. The symbols of the causes of our anxiety grow out of each girl, only to retreat back under calm appearances. Furthermore, background elements fading in and out supplement the symbolism. Fighting dogs flash before the flowers in I, hinting at the often violent nature of romance. Hands pulling apart a curtain in II indicates the tension of in relationships. An abstract, geometric form signals the boundaries and constriction inherent in home in III. In brief moments, eyes become obscured to heighten the disconnect between individuals. Each .gif of a nondescript girl loops infinitely, reflecting the unceasing cycle of inner turmoil.

Shannon Bewley - Unrest poster