For Freedoms – Opens Soon

Work in Progress

Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, Alabama

September 8 – November 18, 2018

More information can be found here


I’ve spent the past few weeks co-curating a small exhibition about historic and contemporary freedoms and rights. The BMA’s exhibition is a partnership with the artist-run For Freedoms, a super PAC working to utilize art to build greater participation in American Democracy. I highly enjoyed combing the permanent collection for works that speak to both the current and past status of minority rights.

We use these works to probe how freedom was historically restricted for people of color in Birmingham, and how freedom has changed today. We ask: How has freedom changed? For whom have rights changed? For whom hasn’t it changed? A component of the exhibition is a response area where visitors can display their feelings and reactions to the exhibit and these questions. The BMA has also produced a small voter guide and links page on our site to assist with navigating voter registration. Personally, my voting poll has changed three times in the last year. The registration process is confusing. We hope that making distilling this information will prompt civic engagement.

Installation is later this week, and the exhibit opens to the public Saturday, September 8th. Be sure to stop by!